The Benefits of Wearing a Hair System

The Benefits of Wearing a Hair System

There has always been an unfair stigma surrounding male baldness and the prevention and treatment of it is certainly not a new thing. From Ancient Egyptian recipes, involving rubbing the burnt prickles of hedgehogs on one's head and the ancient Greeks opting for a scalp mixture including pigeon droppings and nettles, we have been searching for a cure for centuries. 

In more recent times, men suffering from hair loss have started to opt for non-surgical hair systems, over the more permanent, drastic and risky hair transplant surgery. With hair systems being handcrafted to match your natural hair density, hair loss pattern and hair colour, they provide much more natural looking results. Here we look into the further benefits of wearing a hair system. 

The advantages to hair systems over surgical & semi-permanent alternatives

Possibly the greatest benefit to a hair system is that it’s non-surgical. This means clients have no risk of medical complications, such as infection, anaesthesia dangers or scarring. In addition to this, there is often after pain from surgical transplants, whereas a hair system is pain free right from its application. Another option for non-surgical hair restoration is the very temporary hair thickening sprays or fibres, which are great - weather depending - for a day or two, but certainly not a long lasting solution. With a hair system, you can go about your daily life as normal - shower, dance in the rain, sweat at the gym and be safe in the knowledge that your hair won’t let you down.

The emotional benefits of a hair system?

The psychological advantages to wearing a hair system can include an increased general well-being, a higher self-esteem and a decrease in anxiety and depression. Hair can be a powerful means of communication - the presentation, style and colour have an impact on how a person feels and sadly, can be received by society. This is across the board - from the salesman to the pop-star, if your appearance is key to your success then suffering with hair loss can have a detrimental effect on not only your confidence but also your career.

Actors, such as James Nesbitt, talk of hair loss affecting their job opportunities, career path and overall self-esteem. Footballer, Wayne Rooney, may appear to have it all on the outside but his early hair loss was a focal point for many media outlets and he famously began to sport a much fuller head of hair, possibly giving in to the image-conscious times we live in. The prospect of hair loss can lead a state of mind down a slippery slope of emotional distress and even reclusive behaviours, which can impact all areas of life. 

The main psychological benefit of wearing a hair system is self-confidence. A healthy, full head of hair is seen by society as youthful and attractive and when a person is happier with their appearance, they are happier in themselves. This can lead to a greater social life, the confidence to form new relationships and improve those existing ones. 

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