How our hair system replacement service works

A full head of hair in just 2 hours

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If you would like to know more about the Total Cover Plus hair system, see it first hand and explore your styling options before you make up your mind, we recommend that you get in touch with your nearest partner salon and make an appointment for a free consultation. Here is what you can expect to happen.

Stage One: Consultation

The first step is a no obligation consultation with one of our expert stylists. They will assess your hair loss and recommend the perfect system for you. Here you can discuss what hair style you would like and ask any questions you might have before deciding whether to go ahead. See the system. No obligation. Endless styling options.

Stage Two: Application

In the second step we prepare your scalp by cleaning and trimming the bald or heavily thinning area and washing the remaining hair. We use special shampoos and conditioners to make sure that your scalp is perfectly clean and ready for the hair system. We then cut the AirActive ContactSkin® hair system to your specific head size and shape before applying it to your scalp. Exact colour match. Secure DermaFX® adhesive. Customised fitting.

Stage Three: Styling

In this final step we blend the system into any remaining hair you have and cut and style your new hair as discussed in your consultation. Since we only use real human hair we can even tint the system or add highlights for you. Any length. Any style. Any colour.

Our certified stylists

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We carefully select the salons we work with. All of our stylists are skilled professionals who have considerable experience in their field and a passion for their work. Combined with extensive training in the application of the Total Cover Plus hair system, this guarantees that they are 100% qualified to deliver excellent service.

We are determined to maintain the highest standards of quality in every respect. That is why Total Cover Plus is currently only available in a select few partner salons across the UK. These are the salons that meet our requirements in terms of customer service, expertise and discretion. Find your nearest stylist using the link below.

Our superior product

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We only adopt the best industry practices. To ensure that you have the best possible customer experience, we closely monitor every single step that is involved in providing you with a Total Cover Plus hair system.

High Standards:

We hand pick our partner salons and our certified stylists receive specialist training in theoretical issues relating to hair loss as well as in the practical application of the hair system.

Real Human Hair:

Synthetic hair will never quite look or behave like naturally grown hair. By using only real human hair we create a hair system that is completely undetectable and not just looks, but even feels like your own hair.

Specialised Products:

We offer our own range of haircare and styling products that are made to suit the specific needs of your hair system and thus make it last longer

Laboratory Tested:

We only use medical grade materials so that you can safely wear a Total Cover Plus hair system, even if you have very sensitive skin or allergies.

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