Is Biotin a Solution for Male Pattern Baldness?

Male pattern baldness is a genetic type of hair loss experienced by men. Genetic disposition and the normal fluctuation of male hormones can cause men to develop a receding hairline, followed by loss of hair in the crown area of the head. The medical term for this condition is androgenic alopecia. Male pattern baldness usually occurs as men age, but even men in their late teens and twenties can suffer from this kind of hair loss. Eventually, the hair becomes thinner and shorter, leaving only a U-shaped ring of hair around the crown. Male pattern baldness is the most widespread form of hair loss among adult males.There are millions of men out there looking for a way to either stop the progress of male pattern baldness or conceal the signs. The market is therefore filled with treatments and products, claiming to be the answer to your prayers.There is a vitamin and nutritional supplement called Biotin, which is commonly referred to as vitamin H. It is a dietary supplement in the family of B vitamins. It is a substance which occurs naturally in the body and is used to metabolise fat, protein and carbohydrates. The vitamin is also said to strengthen a person’s nails, skin and hair. Hair loss is believed to be a sign of biotin deficiency, but this is a very rare complaint. The substance is, after all, not only created in the stomach but is contained in many foods, from vegetables like carrots and mushrooms to fruit like bananas.The vitamin is moreover advertised in some quarters as an efficient remedy for male pattern baldness. However, you should be aware that Biotin has only been found to help people losing their hair as a result of a biotin deficiency. The substance is generally used in the treatment of psychological or pathological conditions. There is no scientific evidence to suggest that taking Biotin supplements can successfully treat male pattern baldness in general. The results invariably show these claims to be merely a marketing step designed to promote the vitamin as a viable treatment.Men should also understand that, at the moment, there is no actual cure for male pattern baldness. You can conceal the signs of the condition though, to give the appearance of a full head of hair. That is why, for those considering using Biotin, there is another option.You could choose a hair replacement treatment from Total Cover Plus. We provide the foremost hair loss solutions, by utilising the latest technological advances. We do not rely on vitamin supplements, but the results of considered study and development, to finely hone our skills.This culminates in a seamless hair replacement system. It involves a highly skilled process where human hair is implanted onto a layer of micro thin artificial skin, which is unnoticeable. The skin is then carefully attached to your scalp. This will give you full natural looking hair inside of two hours, thanks to Total Cover Plus.Our stylists are waiting to assist you. We can provide you with all the advice you need when deciding on a hair replacement treatment.You can phone us for free on 0800 689 0077, complete the call back form or send us an email.

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