The health implications of taking Propecia

Finasteride is a drug used to prevent hair loss, it is sold as Propecia in the UK. It is a prescription medication that has shown in clinical trials to stop hair loss in nine out of ten men. Results conclude that it is very effective in stopping more hair from falling out over a five year period. However, such results don’t always come at a small price.Propecia has been linked to a number of alarming side effects, one of which is erectile disfunction and impotence. Although medics associated with the drug have insisted that, once the drug has been stopped, normal sexual function will resume, several men have found that even with stopping the drug their sex lives have been severely impaired. The sexual side effects include lack of libido, as well as problems achieving and maintaining an erection. To reverse this, patients have been put on lifetime testosterone treatment and even had penile implants. It is no wonder that sexual problems occur, when you examine the chemistry involved in this drug. It basically works by converting testosterone into dihydrotestosterone. Because it alters testosterone, it is also used in hormone replacement therapy for male-to-female transexuals.Depression and anxiety have also been identified as a side effect of the drug, with suicidal ideation coming into play in many patients once treatment has ceased. Testicular pain and gynecomastia (development of breast tissue in males) can also occur, due to the drop in testosterone levels.The FDA have raised concerns over an increased risk of high grade prostate cancer and Finasteride/Propecia. This is not necessarily because the drug causes cancer of the prostate, but rather because it may temporarily reduce the growth of tumours and, by doing so, may mask detection. The product information also includes the potential risk of male breast cancer.Hair loss is a very sensitive topic and many men feel dejected, depressed and self-conscious when their hair starts to thin or fall out. If you are experiencing hair loss and are finding it very traumatic, then you are not alone. Millions of men all over the world suffer from pain and humiliation when losing their hair, while other men take it in their stride. The important thing to remember is not to rush into a quick cure-all solution without careful consideration first. As bad as you feel right now, it’s certainly not worth sacrificing your sex life over or putting yourself at risk of cancer. There are other solutions out there that don’t involve putting dangerous chemicals into your body, or altering your hormone balance.Many companies will prey on the vulnerability of balding men and offer a solution without really considering the wellbeing of these men. Hair loss solutions aren’t about holding on to your hair, no matter what the personal or physical cost. They are about finding something that doesn’t jeopardise your health, makes you look and feel fabulous and keeps you safe and well. So before you start mindlessly popping pills, consider the implications for your body and make sure you make a wise, informed choice.

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