The Rise In Celebrity Hair Transplants And Are They Always A Good Idea?

A celebrity can never hide away from the intrusive cameras of the press which means anything they do is going to be noticed. When a celebrity craze comes in, it doesn't take long before everyone else catches on and gives it a go. With the recent rise in celebrity hair transplants we take a look at who is having them, why and whether they really are a good idea.Who Is Having Hair Transplants?It seems like everywhere you look there's another celebrity jumping on the hair transplant bandwagon. Most recent celeb transformations include John Travolta, Jude Law, Wayne Rooney and Gordon Ramsey. In fact, over 40 male celebrities have been thought to have had hair transplants in the last two years alone. It's not just male celebrities who try to hide thinning locks, however, as more starlets are looking for ways to cover hair loss. It seems much easier for a female celebrity to hide a hair transplant than a man, thanks to the assumption that they are simply using extensions or wigs instead.Why Are Celebs Getting Hair Transplants?Constantly being in the public eye can take its toll on any celebrity, especially if there already is something that they dislike about themselves. Baldness or hair loss is perceived to be unattractive, which could be the reason for the sudden rise in hair transplant transformations. The truth is, as soon as one person gets spotted with a head full of new hair it is bound to spark a trend. So, when John Cleese admitted he had a hair transplant due to an 'oddly shaped head', it instantly prompted other actors, comedians and sports stars to follow in his footsteps.Are Hair Transplants Always a Good Idea?Just as with any surgical procedure there is the good, the bad and the ugly. Although we may not be able to see the bad and the ugly just now, it won't be long before all of these celebrities start to notice the after effects of a hair transplant. Those who have their hair transplant done at an early age (like Wayne Rooney) will find that the hairs are going to eventually thin and age. When the hair gets older, it certainly isn't going to have the same cosmetic impact as it did to start with. Also, their hairline is likely to continue receding behind the section of implanted hair, making new transplants necessary all the time. Then what are these image obsessed celebs going to do? Have one hair transplant after another, accept hair loss naturally or look for another option? It's the same with many types of cosmetic surgery and the implications can be worse than the original hair loss, such as a large scar at the back of the head.The fact is, a hair transplant isn't necessarily the answer for everybody. Although many celebrities are playing along with the current trend, how long will it be before they realise that hair transplants are not always a good idea? Total Cover Plus provides a far more impressive solution that creates a natural look using innovative technology. If you want to avoid the hair transplant bandwagon altogether, then get in contact with the team at Total Cover Plus.

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