Hair restoration and replacement videos for Men

Rob's Transformation

Meet Rob, a young sports professional who had lost his hair in his teens. He decided to try a hair transplant in the hope of restoring a full head of hair. Sadly, like most young men, he was not actually suitable for a hair transplant, but he was never about it. As a consequence he now has scars on his head and still doesn’t have a full head of hair. In order to restore his confidence and because he wanted to live his life normally with a full head of hair, he came to Total Cover Plus. Watch his story and see how Rob gets a new hair system.

Ellis' Video Diary

Ellis has an artistic and creative personality and suffered from hair loss from an early age. In order to disguise his hair loss he constantly wore hats. When he found out about Total Cover Plus, he was intrigued and wanted to try it. The Total Cover Plus hair system exceeded his expectations and he couldn’t believe how perfectly the hair system blended in with his own hair. Watch Ellis get a hair system and regain his youthful exuberance.

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John's Video Diary

John filmed a little video of his own to share his experience. This inspired us to ask him if he wanted to take part in the Total Cover Plus photo shoot. He is a great break dancer and after the photo shoot received modelling job offers. He is full of energy and it is great to see how his new hair gives him the confidence that he needs.

Watch Will's Transformation

Will is a young man who was losing his hair. He is very athletic and active and plays football 3 to 4 times a week. He disguised his hair loss by styling it in certain ways so that it wasn’t too obvious. However, the lack of hair still seriously affected his self- esteem and confidence and made him feel pretty low. So when he found out about Total Cover Plus hair systems he was keen to try one. Watch Will get his hair system.

Watch Ajay's Transformation

Ajay is a professional hair stylist and a hair loss sufferer. He started losing his hair at a very early age, and having hair was always an important part of his life. Being a hairdresser it was especially important to him to have great looking hair himself. He desperately tried everything to disguise his hair loss: powders, lotions, wigs, weaves and whatever else he could find. When he eventually came to Total Cover Plus he found he could finally live his life again, confident and with stylish hair. Watch Ajay get a new hair system.

About Our Videos Section

One photo (or in this case video) can say so much more than a thousand words. Therefore, we would like to show you as much as we can about hair systems in our video section.

It is important to us that you can see how the Total Cover Plus hair system works and that you understand everything about it. That’s why we have asked some of our customers about their experiences with the Total Cover Plus hair system and filmed their replies. Some of our customers, like Steve, have also made their own video blogs (vlogs) to share their experience. See Steve’s face change as we give him back a full head of hair, watch Tim as he goes diving with his hair system and get styling tips from John. Ajay will tell you about all of the hair loss solutions that he tried and Tom shares his hair system tips, tells you more about his life with a hair system, but also shows you what tricks help him to always have a great looking hair system. Abi tells you about her hair loss journey and how alopecia affected her live. Just see how hair changes their lives and how Total Cover Plus was able to help.

Hair loss is a very difficult condition to face and because there are so many companies out there offering various so-called hair loss solutions and products, it is not easy to know what will work for you and what it will look like. Therefore it is very important to us to be able to show you our product before you make up your mind and to not leave any questions unanswered. And if you would like to share your experience with Total Cover Plus to help other hair loss sufferers, then please feel free to contact us.

The hair loss blogs by Steve and all of the others are a way for them to share their experience and to give hope to other hair loss sufferers. Every person who has gone through such an experience knows how devastating it is to lose your hair. That’s why we find it important that our customers are able to share their stories and therefore are able to overcome the difficult time and at the same time help others. It also gives you the chance to see how Steve and the others experience their Total Cover Plus hair systems. We believe very much in sharing and helping and therefore we would like to thank Steve, Sara, Abi, Tim, Ajay, Tom, Donna, Sandra, Ryan, James, Fred, Jordan, Rob, Mark, and all the others.

If you ever feel like sharing your own personal experience, contact us here.

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