About Total Cover Plus

What Is Total Cover Plus?

Total Cover Plus is a hair loss company, but the name stands for so much more. It is not only about covering the balding area with “some” product. It stands for how we want hair replacement to be. It is about creating the best product and the best experience possible to help you achieve a full head of hair. That’s why Total Cover Plus is a holistic approach to hair loss solutions and hair systems that is built on 6 pillars: Quality, Service, Transparency, Integrity, Sustainability, Affordability

Total Cover Plus does not offer a range of hair systems. It offers only one specific hair system, the one we believe to be the best.

We choose the best products available to make our hair systems. It begins with the quality of the hair: we only use the highest grade of hair, which we source ethically and sustainably. We use the latest and patented production methods to achieve the highest quality standards. Handcrafted, each hair systems is made by very skilled and qualified people with ongoing training. We also have a rigorous quality control process that works in 18 stages. It oversees the hair colouring process, the production and the end control to ensure that we maintain the highest standards in the industry and also to ensure that our customers can always expect a high level of quality.

When you lose your hair you cannot possibly know everything and therefore it requires a lot of research to find out about hair loss.

Our goal is that customers can make an informed decision regarding the options they have. Therefore our customer service is trained to know about all aspects of hair loss and hair replacement to be able to give you advice on hair transplants, hair systems, hair fibres, scalp pigmentation, hair loss drugs etc.

We strive to give you comprehensive information about hair loss and its solution so you can make an informed decision and choose what is best for you. We also guide you in all stages. Total Cover Plus provides help and assistance while you are making your decisions and we will advise you during the after care stages to ensure that you will get the best result possible.

Total Cover Plus hair systems are not sold as a contract based product. This means the only reason you would come back for another hair system is that we made you happy. The only way this can happen is if we are completely transparent and let you know how everything works. So we will answer any question that you might have. We want you to know everything, so you can see that we work hard to give you the best product and the best service and to prove to everybody that we have the best product available.

The founders of Total Cover Plus experienced hair loss themselves. But they also experienced how badly a lot of people are being

treated by other companies when it comes to hair loss. Despite the fact that it is a daunting experience to lose your hair, it is much more horrible to see how some people or companies completely abuse your hope that you can make a change for the better.

We treat others how we would like to be treated ourselves.

Honesty – Truth – Friendliness

The world we live in needs to last. We want to make it a better place. While giving people hair and improving their lives we want to ensure that in the process we also follow our moral code and always ensure that what we do is sustainable and positive.

We use the highest grade of donated Indian temple hair for which the temples are being compensated to give back to their community. This means people freely donate their hair as an offering for their gods after positive events in their life as part of their religious tradition. By buying such hair we oppose a huge part of the hair market in which poor people are being abused and mistreated and coerced into giving away their hair. Especially the market for European hair is not transparent at all and leads to negative treatment of people.

The skilled workers receive extensive training to achieve our required skill levels (this means around 2-3 years of training in order to meet our quality standards).

Furthermore, we offset our CO2 emissions by investing in local tree planting campaigns. We used to support overseas rain forest projects, but recently decided to concentrate on more local projects, where we can actually specifically track and oversee how we are helping. This helps to lower the our Carbon Footprint and ensures that you receive a CO2 emission neutral hair system. For more information on where we have planted trees so far, please click here.

People from all social backgrounds suffer from hair loss. All of them suffer equally emotionally. Therefore we offer hair system

s at the lowest prices possible to ensure that it is mainly a matter of preference whether you would like to use a hair system or not. We offer far lower prices than most other companies and in some cases are up to 85% cheaper per hair system than other companies.

Broken down to the daily costs this comes to around as much as a drink or two after work or as much as smoking. In other words if they would like to have a hair system, most people can afford it.

Total Cover Plus should be for everyone.

Rather than offering a large range of hair loss solutions, we focus on perfecting a product that we believe in and providing the best service possible. If you choose Total Cover Plus you know that you will get nothing but the highest quality.

It is an important part of your identity and losing it can have a serious impact on your confidence. We think that everybody should have the chance to have a full head of hair. But we also know that not every hair loss solution is perfect for everybody. That is why we want to give you as much information and advice as possible to help you make the decision that is right for you.

Non-surgical, completely undetectable and customised to you – we give you a full head of hair in only 2 hours.

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Our Founder's Story

When I first started losing my hair it became clear to me that there was no secret pill that could solve my problem, otherwise it wouldn’t be a secret. But I couldn’t accept the thought that there was nothing I could do about it. Of course I didn’t want to lose my hair, but, more importantly, I thought I was way too young to lose my hair (I was around 20). I felt I was getting old before I had even been young. I searched online, read magazines, talked to researchers and doctors and basically did everything I could to find a solution, but there was nothing out there that solved my problem.

At the time, I was working in product development and therefore had many useful contacts in the area of production and design. I sat down and studied how all the products I had been offered were actually made. I realised that most materials used for hair systems created as many problems as they solved. I had friends who were doctors at hospitals, fortunately giving me access to an arsenal of medical products, which helped me immensely in my quest and triggered further ideas.

After months and years of research we turned my theory into practice and I started producing my first prototypes. The idea of Total Cover Plus was born. I’m still working every day to improve our hair systems and to create new products that improve the lives of those who suffer from hair loss. I want to give them all some happiness, the same happiness I have every day when I look in the mirror and see my fantastic hair. So I want to thank all of the people who believed in me and helped me achieve my goal.

Jonas Hagen, Technical Director

Our Ethics and Our Values

We want to create a product that benefits our customers, community and environment. In an increasingly globalised economy this means that quality standards need to go beyond materials and services and also take into account sustainability and ethical practices.


We sponsor trees in order to offset our carbon footprint to ensure that Total Cover Plus is a Carbon Neutral organisation.

Ethical Practices

Every single step of the production process is subject to rigorous controls. We regularly ensure that the sourcing of the hair, the manufacturing of the hair systems and the production of the haircare and styling products meet ethical standards.

We work with the Tayside Children with Cancer and Leukaemia charity in Scotland to provide hair systems for children who have lost their hair to chemotherapy. Click here to visit their website.