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Posted - April 4, 2016 by Total Cover Plus

Why is Propecia not a good idea for battling your hair loss?

We all know the running jokes about baldness between a group of men and those who are suffering from the ailment will usually laugh it off and pretend it doesn’t have any effect; but more often than not it does. For most men, becoming bald is just part of getting older, but this does not make it any easier to deal with. In some cases, it can even affect younger men, which causes untold embarrassment and insecurity at a time when they are trying to feel comfortable in their own skin. Whether we admit it or not, hair…

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Posted - March 13, 2016 by Total Cover Plus

How and why does hair loss affect us emotionally?

Finding out that your hair is thinning and is never going to return is a shock to most people. Everyone believes that they are going to maintain the hair they were born with and the reality of living with hair loss can be emotionally challenging. Losing hair is not just down to the genes that are inherited but it can be caused through stress as well as many other factors. Losing hair can cause issues as people understand that they are going to lose their youthful appearance. It is a fact of life that everyone wants to look the…

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Posted - February 24, 2016 by Total Cover Plus

Hair loss in society – a weakness or part of the ageing process?

Hair loss can be devastating. While some men take it in their stride, the majority struggle with it and feel self-conscious, vulnerable and insecure as a result of the hair loss. Is this because of the way society treats hair loss, or the individual’s feelings towards it, or perhaps a combination of both? Male pattern baldness will affect 80% of all men at some point in their lives. It is a genetic condition, and nothing can be done to reverse it. If you happen to inherit the genes, you will notice gradual hair loss. With such a high proportion…

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Posted - February 7, 2016 by Total Cover Plus

Cancer survivor Sara gets her first Total Cover Plus hair system

When you first meet Sara, she seems like a nice woman leading a normal life. She looks nice, she laughs a lot, she has 3 children and everything seems to be going well for her. But it hasn’t always been like that. Sarah suffered from cancer and, in the process of battling it, she lost her hair due to the treatments. The most important thing: She won the battle and now is cancer free. But unlike a lot of patients, her hair didn’t fully grow back and left her with another battle: How to get her hair back. Sarah…

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Posted - January 31, 2016 by Total Cover Plus

Do Women Find Men With Hair More Attractive?

Many men believe that losing their hair makes them less attractive to the opposite sex, but is there any truth in this concept and are there women out there who perhaps even prefer men with less hair? Biologically, having a full head of hair is associated with virility and youth, so many assume that those with thinning hair, male pattern baldness or a receding hair line may have less luck with the ladies. Scientists have discovered that many women see men who are bald and have shaved their head as dominant and more manly. A recent survey, in which…

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Posted - January 26, 2016 by Total Cover Plus

Hair loss changes your life, but so does the right hair loss solution

It’s an obvious fact, but the ‘a picture tells a thousand words’ principle sits well with us. The video blogs from AJ, Mark and Steve all clearly show just how a Total Cover Plus system can transform someone’s appearance and, more importantly, let their real personality shine again. They are three very different people, yet all of them are young men who share the same outcome. Shockingly, for all three their hair loss issues started in their early twenties. This is now very common. Early loss of hair and…

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Posted - January 9, 2016 by Total Cover Plus

The truth about hair transplants

Hair transplantation is a surgical procedure which involves moving hair follicles from one part of the body to another part, where balding occurs. Common side effects include “shock loss”, which is simply the thinning of the hair, due to the impact of the procedure. Patients should also be aware that 50-100 hairs can be lost every day, so bald patches are very common after this sort of treatment. The loss of the donated hair, and the natural progression of male pattern baldness make this solution to hair loss temporary and not especially effective. Hair transplants are a popular,…

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Posted - December 22, 2015 by Total Cover Plus

How is Hair Loss in Men Different From Hair Loss in Women?

Both men and women can experience hair loss in their lifetime, however there are some stark differences in how, why and the impact it can have. Hair loss in men, for example, is seen as far more common than hair loss in women. Yet, hair loss in women can be perceived as more traumatic than hair loss in men. Here are some of the fundamental differences between hair loss in men and women. The Difference Between Men’s and Women’s Hair Before trying to understand the difference between male and female hair loss, it’s important to look at the differences…

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Posted - December 17, 2015 by Total Cover Plus

Hair Loss Solutions from History

There are dozens of hair loss treatments available in these modern times, from wigs to surgery, but how did people from yesteryear deal with losing their hair? You may be surprised to learn that even the Ancient Egyptians had their own treatments for hair loss and baldness. Here are some of the most bizarre hair loss solutions from history. Ancient Egyptians Back in 1500 B.C., a medical text was published which offered a whole range of treatments for hair loss. Named The Ebers Papyrus, this medical text was a particular favourite with the royalty in Ancient Egypt. Some of…

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